Thursday, September 27, 2012

Scrappy skirt tutorial

I've noticed an easy scrappy skirt tutorial floating around the web lately and offer my version, which, while it does require sewing, ends up being simpler& easier in my opinion than knotted skirts. First gather your fabrics and iron them!
Next cut all pieces to the same length and hem the tops to make a tube for the elastic to thread through on each piece. 

Then cut the pieces into different strips of roughly the same width!
Now you're ready to thread all the pieces onto your elastic together, alternating into a funky, fun and random pattern:

Finally, when you've threaded all your fabric on, sew the elastic together, and give to your little model! Mine was moving to wiggly-ish for me to capture her picture with it on :) (It happens!) 

Hope you enjoy my scrappy skirt tutorial.  I like it because it is a fabulous way to use up scraps that are too small for anything else! Come back and share what you make with it! 

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