Monday, September 12, 2011

Mini bunting tutorial

I made this sweet mini bunting this afternoon with felt scraps, though you could make it with any fabric or even paper. Here's how you do it. It would be sweet as pie on a birthday table, in a playroom, near your child's art, draped across the ceiling, in holiday colors or all the same; really the opportunities are endless.

MATERIALS: sewing machine, scissors, needle& thread, felt, paper& pen.

Mark on a sheet of paper a line one inch wide. Use this as a guide for cutting your material. Cut out all your color combinations to this width.

Cut the pieces of felt out and then proceed to your sewing machine. Fold each one inch wide rectangle in half longways, and stitch down the top leaving a small allowance between your seam and the top of the fabric.

After you have sewn all your one inch rectangles into half inch rectangles, cut triangles out of the material trying to keep the triangles as uniform as possible. 
Next, thread each triangle via the ‘pocket’ at the top with a needle& thread onto a long pretty string or thread.
                                                 Tie loops for hanging and enjoy!

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