Thursday, September 8, 2011

nature painting

Little Rainbow and I have been collecting feathers whenever we're out on walks, and yesterday she was feeling very...handsy, so I pulled them out and let her play with them a bit. At first it was just feeling them, tickling her palms with them, petting her stuffy Monkey (who is actually a bunny) with them. Then, we moved on to this:

Feather painting. She had a blast! I loved watching her use the feathers as paintbrushes because her style was so different from how she gneerally tackles watercolor painting. She usually grabs a paintbrush and shoves it as hard has she can into the paints, smearing them into one color and making a muddy (but happy!) mess.

with the feathers she had to be gentle. There is no way to make a feather into a sturdy paintbrush, pushing down hard will only break it. As a result her lines were soft& careful, her painting not exactly spectacular but different nonetheless. And she was thrilled at using a new material.

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