Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pride Day in the Queen City

Our city hosted it's annual Pride day/ festival two weekends ago, and somehow Mr.Rainbow and I didn't realize it was happening until about 4 hours before it ended. We went anyway, with Little Rainbow in tow and enjoyed it quite a bit. Ironically, this was my first time at a Pride event as well as Little Rainbow's first- as I was raised in a conservative family as a child. Mr. Rainbow, who was raised in a gay family, went to plenty before this one.
So little rainbow and I went to our first Pride day festival. She was a bit shy but loved all the rainbows and interesting outfits everywhere, and that they played a lot of Lady Gaga, because she happens to think Lady Gaga is Teh Awesome. Which is true, of course, even if you're not three years old.

The other very nice thing for her was seeing parts of our city that we can't usually enjoy so much because the streets were closed down for the festival. Being able to walk in the road and run around in the statues that are typically harder to access with her in tow- (crossing a street full of busy traffic to see a statue is usually more effort than we put into our outings-) but she could freely run to and fro and see the sights for herself without any cars nearly running her over, and that was really fun.

Mr. Rainbow and I have noticed that in our city the LGBTQ community isn't as visible in some other communities we've lived in, and I'm not entirely sure why that is. Part of it, I think, is that this is such a transient city, and people don't really come here to settle so much as they come here for work. There are a few very fun and funky neighborhoods and two stores I can think of that outright celebrate diversity, but it certainly isn't embraced here year round or even spontaneously- the way it is in some other communities.

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